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Key Features

Swahili to English Bubble Bath is a special version of the "Swahili Bubble Bath" game, but specially made for RAWLI (Reading Around the World) Students. Instead of hearing words spoken in Swahili, they are spoken in English.

Works completely offline

12 Categories to choose from with 10 words each for the free version

A fun and easy way to learn

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What better way to learn than with a game!


Listen to words spoken by native speakers

When you tap the bubble, the word is spoken by a native speaker. BEWARE: in some levels, there is no text in the bubble -- it forces you to use your Swahili listening skills. In other levels, there are Swahili words in the bubbles, but not spoken. This forces you to use our Swahili reading skill (and not listening skills). 


Build your vocabulary

n each category, you start out with a simple 50/50 choice on how to translate the Swahili word floating up in bubble. As the levels progress, you have more options to chose from, so need to stop guessing and use your knowledge. 


Totally FREE

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Perfect for iPhone, iPad, and Android Phones and Tablets.

RAWLI builds libraries and digital classrooms in Tanzania, providing students with access to English language resources to allow them to succeed in a global economy and culture. We recycle children's books, giving them new life in the hands of children who have no books at all. We also equip our libraries with internet connectivity, providing access to students and teachers alike to the wonders of the global community and educational resources available to the world. We provide iPads loaded with digital books and educational apps that allow students and teachers to hear proper pronunciation of vowel sounds, practice sight words and improve reading skills.


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