The school in your pocket.

The mobile device is one of the greatest enhancements to education we have ever seen. You carry it around in your pocket. What are you doing with it?  Knocking down pigs with with birds?

In addition to our many language games, we also create apps and games for other areas of education.  It is our core belief that educational apps should not just be for kids.  We all need need to grow intellectually.

Math Games

Algebra Bubble Bath

Android / iPad / iPhone
Agent X

Android / iPad / iPhone

Typing Games

Bubble Bath Typing

Android / iPad / iPhone

Speed Reading

Read Racer

Android / iPad / iPhone

If you are interested in seeing other education apps and games, let us know.

And don’t forget . . . there is an entire world out there that doesn’t speak English.  Check out our language games and bring out the polyglot inside you.

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