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We believe there is a better way of doing things.

Hi.  This is Eric.  I've worked for some of the largest publishers, investment banks, and technology companies in the UK.  And Overpass has clients all over the world.

And there is one mistake I see so many companies make... they aren't making the right architectural decisions early on.  We've helped companies code new applications that allow for growth.  Technology and coding fads change so frequently, that you need to consider how your current applications and infrastructure can support whatever new advancements are waiting down the road.

As a recent example, can you support voice controls like Alexa, Cortana, Siri, and Google Assistant?  It should be easy if your architecture is setup right.

This is why I made the video above.  I want to help.  It doesn't matter if you hire Overpass or not... but just make sure you share this strategy with your technology professionals. If they're good, they already know it and it's obvious.  And if they're not good... well... read on, good friend.

Or... do you just need a better development team?

Now we're talking!  A bad developer not only lowers the quality of software, but it ruins your whole mood.

Dealing with a bad developer is like trying to run with your shoes tied together.  It's possible... but not easy.

You should give Overpass a try.

What makes us different…

We make our own apps.

There are hundreds of our own apps on the App Store and Google Play and make great revenue from them.  We have skin in this game. Why trust an app developer to create your app when they won’t even create their own?  It is our job to know the latest trends and changes in the app world and apply everything we have learned unto your project.

We make our own healthcare apps

You own all the source code. ​​​​

Our company don’t retain any rights to your project and source code.  At the end of the project, you own it all. You can give it to an internal team to maintain or hire another developer if you want to.  And, of course, we can always maintain it too.

you own all the source code to your healthcare app

Focusing on design first.

If your app doesn’t look right, no one will use it.  Rather than charging into coding, we start with working prototypes of all apps (with great design work) As a result, so you can see what it looks like before we build it.

we focus on designing your healthcare app first

Ours is a voice in the industry.

Every day, we publish a Youtube video about apps and app marketing.  You read that right-- every day!  We strive to contribute to this industry and share what we learn.  And our audience has grown to over 20,000 subscribers. Check out our YouTube Channel here.

we are a voice in the industry of healthcare app development

We don’t advertise our clients.

This might not be important to you, but it is important some of our clients.  Furthermore, our job is not to tell you how great we are with other companies but to show you how great we are going to be with yours.  Hence, we don’t name drop our clients (and we’ve had some great ones).  However, if you want to know who we’ve worked with, give us a call. We’ll do a great job and you can give us a testimonial later (but we won’t push).

we dont advertise our healthcare clients

Delivering high quality product and value.

Although we can write the code ourselves, we also have a network of trusted overseas developers who we work with.  You may have heard horror stories about how difficult it can be working with offshore teams and those stories… are all true!  It’s an art working with distributed teams. And we’ve mastered it. So, we can provide the best talent at the best price.

we deliver high quality healthcare apps

"Hey, Google!"
I'm serious about what I said about Voice Control...

Amazon Echo Development

We are in a great position at the moment where we can take advantage of the "next big thing".  Voice is taking over in a big way.  Can your business run anything with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana or Siri?  Is it even on your radar yet?

Even if you're not in a position (or not interested yet) to move your business onto voice.  You need to make sure your developers can handle the transition when it comes.  And you don't want to have to rewrite everything either. 

What our clients say about us...

We don't advertise our clients.  But it's very nice when they say nice things about us.  Here's just a tiny few.


Eric and Overpass have proved to be a great asset in the completion of our fun interactive game app – The Domain Space Race. As well as being on hand at all times to discuss design, game play and logistics. Overpass has gone above and beyond to produce an app that we are really pleased with and that was a useful and successful tool on our stand at a recent business show.

Alex Allaway



I took my idea to Overpass and within a few months and thanks to their expertise they made my idea into something amazing. Can’t recommend them highly enough. I guess their biggest attribute – they really listen and work with you.

Kevin PeakePESA


Overpass have made the process of developing apps seamless! From innovative ideas (Marc saved us with the new name!) to creative experience bringing the MoveRight dream to life! Can't wait to share this new approach to reducing evictions through skills for financial security

Lynette Nabbosa Elimu Interational

Thank you.

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