Thai Bubble Bath

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Learn Thai Easily

with the Bubble Bath of Knowledge.

Learn Thai and have fun doing it with this Bubble Bath of Knowledge game.

People from all over the world come to this bubble bath to learn the art of language. New languages open whole new areas of the world. One who can speak many languages can experience more of the world than one who cannot.

Now that you have found this secret location, it is time to learn some Thai with this fun Learn Thai with this fun and engaging game. Whether you are travelling to Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket in Thailand . . . you should learn some Thai before you go. When someone asks you if you are a Thai speaker, you can say “Yes Siam!” (see what we did there?).

Thai is not an easy language to learn. There are 5 tones in standard Thai and you need to learn to listen as well as read.

With Thai Bubble Bath, you start easy by having a 50/50 chance at guessing the translation to the word you see and hear. Simply pop the bubbles by selecting and choosing its translation. As the levels get more complicated, you have to use your new knowledge to determine the word.

After you are finished with each of the 12 categories, you will have a good grasp on the words in those categories.

But, once you think you’ve learned the words, it gets more tricky. On some levels, there is no spoken words, so you have to be able to read the Thai alphabet. On other levels, there are no written words, so you are forced to listen to the native speaker say the word to you.

How high can you score.

Thai Bubble Bath features the following language categories:
✓ Numbers
✓ Animals
✓ Body Parts
✓ Colors
✓ Sizes
✓ Verbs
✓ Travel
✓ Time
✓ Person Nouns
✓ Adjectives
✓ Food
✓ Useful Phrases

Thai Bubble Bath features original art work by Gesonrey Romero of Overpass Apps. It also feature spoken Thai performed by Thanin Dhammalongkrot. The app is produced by Eric Wroolie.

Bubble Bath games are available in the following languages: Arabic, Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin, Korean, Hindi, Spanish, Russian, and Swahili.

Please leave feedback. If you like the game, hate it, or just don’t care, we’d like to know!

Just some of our reviews

Very easy way to increase vocab

on Google Play (2nd July 2018)

Good tool for learning thai vocabulary and for learning to read and listen to Thai. The “travel” category does have an error where bus and car are both spelled the same

on Google Play (24th December 2017)

Good tool for learning thai vocabulary and for learning to read and listen to Thai. The “travel” category does have an error where bus and car are both spelled the same

A Google user on Google Play (24th December 2017)

fun learn way

CCC international on Google Play (9th September 2017)

I like how it tests both my reading and listening skills. Maybe in background music could be quieter when listening to the words on the menu screen

Alysa Nantarojanaporn on Google Play (30th March 2017)

Great way to learn a language
Best application I found for learning the language!! The game does a great job of a repeated learning method . My only complaint is that there are more words to learn and you can not enter your own words to make up for that.

Kindle Customer(Lodi, CA USA) on The Amazon App Store (4th November 2016)

So fun!
Great way to learn.

Christine Major on Google Play (3rd October 2016)

addictive game but vocab are limited..release more vocab will be cool
good games and learning thai

George Ang on Google Play (4th September 2016)

The game itself is fun as a learning game. Basic vocabulary of course, but can practice both reading and listening, which is good. Would love to have more categories, not just beginners level. If u add exercises specific for tones, I will give u 6 stars.

Michael Tms on Google Play (30th May 2016)

Love it

Phương Thảo Lê on Google Play (30th April 2016)

Fun with Thai Script
I like practicing my thai script with this app. The vocab is useful too!

Laurel Costill on Google Play (22nd January 2016)


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