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Are you interested in learning Swedish, but don’t have enough time? We’ve got you covered! Learn Swedish with Swedish Flash Quiz. Download this app now!

We understand that not everyone has a lot of time to learn a new language. There may be a lot going on in your life you’re so busy that it’s impossible to enroll in a language course. This is why we developed Swedish Flash Quiz, designed for the ultra-busy, 21st century lifestyle. There’s absolutely no reason to miss out on all the benefits of learning Swedish just because you’re pressed for time. With Swedish Flash Quiz, we’ll get you started down the road to fluency and reap the benefits that go with it.

With Swedish Flash Quiz, you’ll master hundreds of the most frequently used words and phrases in the Swedish language right on your iOS device! The app is perfect for traveling and serves as a mini travel guide with practical Swedish words and phrases and works even without Internet coverage. Learn Swedish with audio recordings of a native Swedish speaker and so you can become proficient in perfect pronunciation anytime, anywhere. This list of hundreds of most frequently used Swedish words is compact enough to fit a little review into your busy schedule. Study at your most convenient times at places that work for you! Swedish Flash Quiz also comes with very engaging high resolution images. You’ll be transported to the Swedish countryside with it’s graphic images and theme.

Why is Swedish Flash Quiz so effective? It’s Fun, Fast and Easy to Use!

Learn Swedish with Swedish Flash Quiz FEATURES:
– Beautiful, easy-to-use user interface. The user interface has been designed to be crisp, beautiful, and user friendly. With very easy controls, you can find everything you need without excessive swiping and tapping
– Hundreds of practical words and phrases: You’ll get more than just 1 word per day
– Works on most iOS devices: You can download Swedish Flash Quiz on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod
– Play against the clock with the Speed Settings: There are three speed settings available depending on your skill level – Normal, Fast, Crazy. Speed up the game as you advance through the game to get optimum learning results. The faster you guess the right answer, the higher your score will be
– Have fun in leaderboards: Play against Swedish language learners across the globe and rank on the leaderboards (need Internet connection for ranking). Beat family and friends and have fun learning through competition
– Get motivated with Achievements: Earn achievements by earning enough points. The bigger your score, the bigger the achievements!
– Listening Practice: Hear each word’s proper pronunciation by a native speaker
– Perfect your Pronunciation: Pronounce words and repeat after the audio to compare your pronunciation to the native speaker’s

This version of Swedish Flash Quiz is FREE.
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Swedish Flash Quiz contains original artwork by Sandee Chica of Overpass Apps. It is developed by Joey Chica. This Swedish Game is produced by Eric Wroolie, also of Overpass Apps.

Learn more about Swedish Flash Quiz here.

Just some of our reviews

Swedish practice
Rather good. The vocabulary is every day basic, but hey that’s what you need to read and understand a foreign language.

Greg Hawkes on The Amazon App Store (7th January 2018)

Really fun way to practice Swedish.

Natalie frigieri-williams on Google Play (17th November 2017)

Fun and educational
Love this, it’s a great way to learn and practice verbs. The audio option helps with pronunciation too.

Nat F(Dorset) on The Amazon App Store (2nd August 2017)

Really good app

cassandra on The Amazon App Store (7th April 2017)

Great app when you want to practice and short on time
A more expansive vocabulary would be better, otherwise a great app

Allison Miller on Google Play (19th November 2016)

Great potential.
The different speeds option is fun, wish it had different word difficulty option too. Needs more words. But overall fun way to learn words.

Just Jakkie on Google Play (6th November 2016)

No problems so far, just need more words.

freeto lure on Google Play (24th August 2016)

Nice designed app,useful to learn swedish.But there is small number of words.I hope you will update.It will worth much more than

Novak Bubanja on Google Play (10th March 2016)


Ruhollah Mohammadi on Google Play (30th December 2015)

I loved…

Samer Rashed on Google Play (22nd September 2015)

I loved…

Samer Rashed on Google Play (22nd September 2015)

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