Swahili Bubble Bath

Play . . . and learn.

Open the world up around you.

Learn Swahili and play a game at the same time.

Learn Swahili and have fun doing it with this Bubble Bath of Knowledge game.

People from all over the world come to this bubble bath to learn the art of language. New languages open whole new areas of the world. One who can speak many languages can experience more of the world than one who cannot.

Now that you have found this secret location, it is time to learn some English with this fun Swahili Game.

Pop the bubbles with Swahili words and phrases and build your vocabulary. Listen to the words spoken by a native speaker. Pop the bubbles before they float away.

The Bubble Bath of Knowledge is arranged into 12 categories based on topics. Each category contains 10 words and phrases. The best area to start with is numbers.

Swahili is difficult. But you will surprise yourself.

The knowledge is yours. Catch it before it floats away!

Swahili Bubble Bath features the following language categories:
✓ Numbers
✓ Animals
✓ Body Parts
✓ Colors
✓ Sizes
✓ Verbs
✓ Travel
✓ Time
✓ Person Nouns
✓ Adjectives
✓ Food
✓ Useful Phrases

If you are interested in learning other languages, you can also find Bubble Bath games for Cantonese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Arabic and Hindi.

Swahili Bubble Bath features original art work by Gesonrey Romero of Overpass Apps. It also features spoken Swahili performed by Brenda Egara. The app is produced by Eric Wroolie of Overpass Apps.

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Here are some places you can use this language:
Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Rwanda and Burundi, Somalia, and the Comoro Islands

Any ideas on how to better learn Swahili? Let us know by leaving a comment here or contacting us directly.

Just some of our reviews

There really is not a better game for learning Swahili.

A Google user on Google Play (16th August 2017)

A great little app. I do wish that the words moved around on the side, I catch myself remembering the position to click more than the word.

David Gilmore on Google Play (27th July 2017)


Malin Maria Cecilia Rickenlund on Google Play (27th July 2017)

Really helpful!

A Google user on Google Play (17th July 2017)

Great for my children Oh yeah

Jason Lee on Google Play (15th July 2017)

Love the app, just waiting for a fix on the 3 second delay when you tap a bubble until you hear the sound after first pae.

Jewellianne W on Google Play (20th June 2017)

It’s great but would have loved more of the games 2as set up differently

Ashley Atwood on Google Play (18th June 2017)

very fun way learn

Kevin Harrell on Google Play (1st June 2017)

very fun way learn

Kevin Harrell on Google Play (31st May 2017)

It’s a nice little gamification of learning vocabulary. Props for having the pronunciation in sound and not just in writing. One way to add a little smth would be to have pictures on a separate game mode, and have the player connect the pictures with empty sound bubbles – no text at all. All in all a very neat game for what it sets out to do. Definitely recommended 🙂

Kai Kekkonen on Google Play (26th May 2017)

It’s nice

Jerris Bradley on Google Play (15th May 2017)

Fun and helpful

Gina Smith on Google Play (12th May 2017)

I decided to pay because the ads were overwhelmingly annoying. That said I do love the app except for after you pass the first page of topics and move on…everything is still the same except for the person speaking and the timeframe, when a bubble starts you tap it and you expect to hear the word not wait til the bubble is half way up the screen before you hear anything, not much time to react meanwhile the othe bubbles have already come up behind it by the time the third is tapped its out of sight before you hear anything. The fast challenges are virtually impossible. If you can fix the timing on them so when you tap the bubble you don’t wait for a response. Ty

Jewellianne W on Google Play (12th May 2017)

I was looking for a fun language-related game and decided to try this out. I have never studied Swahili before, and I was able to pick it up fairly quickly. The only suggestion I have to improve the app is, from the perspective of language-learning science, it would be better to have the player match the Swahili word with a picture, rather than the English word, at least for the vocabulary words that are easily identifiable from pictures. For example, instead of learning to match “paka” and “cat”, we should match “paka” work a picture of a cat. Thanks, I am enjoying it.

Rachel Powelson on Google Play (5th May 2017)

This app was amazing i learned the language and was holding conversation with in one month

Adrain Ramsey on Google Play (25th April 2017)

Fun method to refresh or accompany learning in Swahili. The different levels and diversity of words mean it will really improve your vocabulary.

Een D on Google Play (19th April 2017)

This is an enjoyable way to learn Swahili quite quickly. I love the ten different levels and how you can repeat a level as many times as you like. I also like being able to look at my statistics for each lesson. I’ve found this quite addictive and have got other members of the family learning on their own devices. I can’t wait to get through all the lessons.

Sandy Walker on Google Play (16th April 2017)


on Google Play (9th April 2017)

I just started using it…I like it so far!

Ecidnac Semloh on Google Play (30th March 2017)

My kids love this app.lol Swahili has really been helping my children learn.
It also keeps them satisfied.

TT on The Amazon App Store (28th March 2017)

Great Just not enough free categories

Paul Rivers on Google Play (21st March 2017)

I had forgotten how to speak this language know I’m fluent once again

on Google Play (18th March 2017)

Nice app. Useful for the beginner.

Carmen John on Google Play (14th March 2017)

Great for learning new vocabulary without realising you are. Fun and educational

Shelagh Whyte on Google Play (13th March 2017)

Awesome game to learn swahili

on Google Play (9th March 2017)

Great game. Makes it easy to memorize new words

Devon Allen on Google Play (23rd February 2017)

Best swahili learning app there is

Madi McKewin on Google Play (30th January 2017)

Is really simple lakini helps a lot!!! Asante!!

on Google Play (27th January 2017)

Learning a lot!

NIKKI BRUCE on Google Play (24th January 2017)

Language fun
Fun to play and learn

Brian Cloud on Google Play (14th January 2017)

Easy, fun way to learn the basics
Immediately hooked with the free version so I bought it. You’re not going to learn sentences, but it’s an easy and fun way to learn. Great value for the price!

D S on Google Play (13th January 2017)

Great app!
Great for the basics, would like to see a wider range of words in the more advanced levels.

Linda Robberts on Google Play (7th January 2017)

Easy to use and entertaining

Maya Baird on Google Play (6th January 2017)

Very engaging!

Katie Day on Google Play (1st January 2017)

Entertaining format to learn swahili

Sumantra Naik on Google Play (30th December 2016)

Good but has glitches
I enjoy the app..it’s fun and I have learned a lot of vocabulary. On levels 6 and 9 of the Verbs category I get a glitch where it shows the same English verb bubble twice in a row but the second one has the Swahili audio and answer of a different verb instead of the word in the bubble

Robert Flynn Williams on Google Play (29th December 2016)

Great, with potential for improvement
I really like this so far – it’s much more engaging than other attempts I’ve had at learning this language. I’ve also only just started, but something I would like to see is more conjugation along with verb usage. I know vocab, but I’d like to know how to use it sentences as well! Overall, will recommend this to anyone trying to learn Swahili in a non-boring way

Kaila Hubbs on Google Play (15th December 2016)

Repetitive learning
I love the game style learning approach for learning vocabulary. This really is an excellent way to learn how to translate from Swahili to English or vice versa. However I think incorporating images instead of English words would go a long in helping one think in Swahili instead of having to translate. Overall an awesome way to keep your vocab brushed off and pick up some new vocab as well.

Cody Holland on Google Play (13th December 2016)

Helping me
This is really helping me learn the basics, this is just what I needed.

Brianna Bila on Google Play (5th December 2016)

Love it

Ruthie Harrison on Google Play (1st December 2016)

This is a great way for my son and I to learn native African language while still having fun.

Will Gillard on Google Play (28th November 2016)

Good app
Wish it was easier to see the lists of words in advance.

Michelle Sandman on Google Play (28th November 2016)

Fun learning
Helps get that African cuco

Eric Gooden on Google Play (26th November 2016)

This was a good app for preparing for a trip to East Africa
This was a good app for preparing for a trip to East Africa. Basic words and numbers were very useful and the games made it easy to learn.

Mitch H.(Minnesota USA) on The Amazon App Store (26th November 2016)

Better everyday
Although I wouldn’t consider myself conversational, I now know different words in Swahili to put together and form a sentence if needed. This goes to my learning style, I just wish there were ways to putting more together with sentences. I’m not done with the entire free version yet, so I’ll come back with another review if needed.

Monica Nicole on Google Play (20th November 2016)

Easy & fun
I’m getting better and better at Swahili everyday!

R. Ray on Google Play (11th November 2016)

Like it…mostly
Love the concept and the category choices and the learning style are fab. My vocab grew from playing just a few categories. Couple of bugs though: sometimes it crashes completely in the middle of a level (this happens infrequently); sometimes starts playing a level without any of the words or translations, just empty bubbles moving up the screen – can’t seem to exit this unless you completely shut the app or just wait for (what would be) the level to finish. Not disastrous, just a bit annoying!

Rebecca Allen on Google Play (10th November 2016)

Awesome App! Very educational and challenging.

Empress Love on Google Play (8th November 2016)

Its very helpfullll…

myra marion on Google Play (2nd November 2016)

So far it teaches me well

daniel Chisolm on Google Play (30th October 2016)

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