Spanish Bubble Bath

Play . . . and learn.

Learn Spanish Easily

with the Bubble Bath of Knowledge.

Learn Spanish with a fun and engaging game from Overpass apps. The bubbles contain Spanish words and phrases and you must pop the bubbles by selecting the right translation.

Whether you are travelling to Spain, Mexico, or anywhere in South America (besides Brazil), learning the Spanish language will serve you well.

Spanish Bubble Bath is a simple game that allows you to increase your skills in 12 language categories. Each category contains 10 increasingly-challenging levels.

In the first level of each category, you have to choose between two possible translations . . . so you are basically guessing. This helps foster a new knowledge. As the levels increase, the number of possible translations increase so you must rely more on your Spanish skills.

Just when you think you get the hang of it, the game forces you to use both reading and listening skills. Some levels have no text on the bubbles, so you are forced to listen to the native speaker say the word. Other levels have no audio, so you are forced to read the word instead of listen.

As you progress though the levels, your knowledge of Spanish will increase.

Are you ready?

Spanish Bubble Bath has vocabulary in the following categories:
✓ Numbers
✓ Animals
✓ Body Parts
✓ Colors
✓ Sizes
✓ Verbs
✓ Travel
✓ Time
✓ Person Nouns
✓ Adjectives
✓ Food
✓ Useful Phrases

Here are 5 Interesting Spanish Stories (From the Overpass Website):
• Roughly 406 million people speak Spanish as their native first tongue.
• Spanish is an official language of the UN.
• Spanish is often called Castellano, or Español to native speakers.
• Spanish was the language of diplomacy until the 18th Century.
• The USA has nearly 40 million Spanish speakers.

It’s time to learn.

Spanish Bubble Bath features original artwork by Gesonrey Romero of Overpass Apps. It features vocal work by Julián Escudero. It is produced by Eric Wroolie of Overpass Apps.


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