Secret Agent: Typing

Stop using that tiny keyboard, Agent!


Welcome, Agent.

Let me welcome you to the top secret school for international agents. We train the best and brightest here. We’re glad you made it.

You are here because we need you to learn to type on this mobile device. There will be situations in the field where you have to infiltrate enemy bases and hack into their networks using a mobile device. We can’t have you hunting and pecking for keys. We’ll make sure you learn how to type properly at this school. Work hard and don’t let us down.

This school is tough, and not everyone makes it through, but we’ll help you as much as we can.

We’ve laid out some challenges for you at this school to help you learn.

You learn the to type on the shooting range. Each letter or word rises in your sites, and you must shoot them before they get away. Let too many get away and you fail the level. Shoot them all, and you unlock the next level.

You’ll start off simple with single letters. You can then graduate up to larger words, numbers, or special characters. Some levels are case sensitive and other are not.

These missions use your native keyboard. We cannot predict how easy or difficult it would be– it all depends on your device. It’s just like when you are in the field . . . we won’t be able to help you.

This may be difficult for you at first, young agent, but don’t despair. We’ve all been in the situation you are in right now.

Good luck.


Just some of our reviews

Loved it

Jason Taylor on Google Play (30th March 2017)

I like its ok
its ok I guess I kind of like it its ok I mean come on its typing all right so its fine ya ya ya !!! anyway its a pretty cool game if I’d make this game than I would rate it

Abigail on The Amazon App Store (20th February 2017)

Kira Elizabeth ludwig

Cloey Allen on Google Play (9th December 2016)

Love this
My favourite typing game for my phone

John Woods on Google Play (5th July 2016)

Doing it again bad but it’s not a big difference between any good apps it’s great and education al

Taquan Charles on Google Play (1st April 2015)

don’t know
Haven’t played yet but sounds like it is boring # bored.

belle on The Amazon App Store (25th November 2014)

Lol haha

on Google Play (9th August 2013)

Lol haha

kyrah delapaz on Google Play (9th August 2013)

Lol haha

Kyrah De La Paz on Google Play (9th August 2013)

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