Secret Agent: Russian

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Learn Russian with a game from the International Language School for Secret Agents!

The following transcript is TOP SECRET…

Welcome, Agent.

Let me welcome you to the top secret language school for international agents. We train the best and brightest here. We’re glad you made it.

You are here because we need you to learn Russian. We need you to be able to read, listen, and translate it. When you are in the field, Russian needs to be second nature to you. Don’t let us down.

This school is tough, and not everyone makes it through, but we’ll help you as much as we can. We’ve trained agents with far less talent than you in learning Russian.

We’ve laid out some challenges for you at this school to help you learn.

You will be presented with 12 categories focusing on different areas of the language– ranging from numbers to phrases. Each category has 10 levels that you should master.

You learn Russian on the shooting range. Each Russian word rises in your sites, and you must shoot each word before it gets away. Let too many get away and you fail the level.
Shoot them all, and you unlock the next level.

You’ll start off simple by learning numbers in Russian. The first level is easy– you have a 50/50 chance of getting each word right. But, later levels are harder. Some levels have no sound– so you have to learn to read the words. Other levels have no text– so you have to learn to listen. Be prepared to repeat the levels. But don’t worry, young agent, as you get better on the shooting range, you will get better with Russian.

Later, when you are in the field meeting with fellow agents, we want you to remember all the Russian words you’ve learned here. Keep working at them until you become proficient.

Russian should be like a native language for you.

Good luck.


You did not get this from us.

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If you purchased Russian Bubble Bath, the same vocabulary is used in Secret Agent: Russian, so you will find it very similar (but with a spy theme).


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