Morning, Noon & Night

An Interactive Book of Stories and Music

Morning, Noon & Night - Interactive Storybook


Morning, Noon and Night interactive book brings a collection of stories, songs and rhymes for every part of the day and is a great opportunity for parents and teachers to make each reading time special. Fun and educational stories accompanied by catchy melodic tunes take children on an adventure full of animals, trees and people. Playful illustrations are close to children’s perspective of the world and trigger off their fantasy. In Morning, Noon and Night you’ll find mystery, humour, love for nature, dreams and much more.

Two children, a sister and a brother show you the world that surrounds them through their eyes. This is not an ordinary world as any young child’s world isn’t.

This book is intended for children 2 to 7 years. Both parents and teachers can use it as a helpful tool for story time.

Original stories and songs were written by a children’s music teacher, entertainer and a mother Eliska Palfreyman. Beautiful illustrations were created by Katerina Mrhalova.

This interactive book app was developed by Overpass Apps team of Sandee Chica, Joey Chica, and Eric Wroolie.

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