Mandarin Bubble Bath

Play . . . and learn.

World’s Hardest Language?  Child’s play!

Our favorite mobile game.  Learn Chinese Mandarin and play a game at the same time.

Learn Chinese Mandarin with a fun and engaging game – Mandarin Bubble Bath.

Whether you are travelling to China or just want to communicate with 20% of the human race, you should learn at least some Chinese. It may sound daunting, I know, but it is definitely possible. But why not make it fun.

Nearly a billion people speak Chinese Mandarin. Hey, don’t be the one who is left out!

Mandarin Bubble Bath starts you out on easy words where you get a 50% chance of guessing the right one. Then, it gives you a one-in-four chance. Then it is a one in ten chance.

When you finally think you’ve learned all the words for the language category, it swaps them around so you have to choose the character based on the translation. Then, it removes the character and forces you to listen. Finally, it removes the voice and forces you to read.

All aspects of your brain are used to learn Mandarin with our little game here.

Mandarin Bubble Bath has vocabulary in the following categories:
✓ Numbers
✓ Animals
✓ Body Parts
✓ Colors
✓ Sizes
✓ Verbs
✓ Travel
✓ Time
✓ Person Nouns
✓ Adjectives
✓ Food
✓ Useful Phrases

Here are 5 Magnificent Mandarin Facts (from the Overpass website):
• Mandarin is the official language of the People’s Republic of China.
• The English word “mandarin” used to mean “minister”, and represented an official of the Chinese Empire.
• For the majority of Chinese history, the nation’s capital has been within a Mandarin-speaking area.
• Mandarin is one of 4 official languages in Singapore.
• Chinese Mandarin doesn’t have an alphabet – it is written in symbols!

Here’s what others have said about Mandarin Bubble Bath:
“☆☆☆☆☆ Great fun game….learn characters easily.” – Connie Weidman on Google Play (1st November 2013)
“☆☆☆☆☆Very underrated Mandarin app” – Jay Hu on Amazon (24th December 2013)

While playing this game, you will learn to
–Read Chinese Characters (Hanzi)
–Listen to Mandarin Words and Phrases
–Practice with each level until you master your new vocabulary

Learn to recognize and read Chinese Characters by popping bubbles. If this sounds too intimidating, you can use the game in Pinyin mode to see only the romanized spellings until you are ready for characters.

Learn to listen to Mandarin words and phrases. Practice listening to the tones of the Mandarin words as they are spoken by native speakers.

Learn the world’s hardest language and have fun doing it with this Bubble Bath of Knowledge game. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you will be able to read Chinese characters.

You will start off easy, but as each level gets more difficult, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you learn.

Mandarin Bubble Bath is arranged into 12 categories based on topics. Each category contains 10 Chinese words and phrases. The best area to start with is numbers.

Chinese (Zhongwen) is difficult. But you will surprise yourself. After all, if a billion people can speak it, why can’t you?

Some levels will force you to read Chinese Characters, with no audio to listen to.

Other levels might force you to listen to Mandarin tones spoken by a native speaker.

Are you a Chinese Teacher? Consider Mandarin Bubble Bath as a teaching tool you can use instead of flash cards in you lessons.

This version of Chinese Bubble Bath is completely free. We make money by advertising. If you do not want ads, consider upgrading to the full version.

Bubble Bath games are available in the following languages:
–Chinese Mandarin

It’s 2014. One in Five people in the world can speak Chinese. Isn’t it time you learn Chinese?

Please leave feedback. If you like the game, hate it, or just don’t care, we’d like to know!

Just some of our reviews

both fun and educational
This is my favorite ‘learn Mandarin’ game, by far. Having sound up is key in the later rounds. In appreciation I looked for a way to upgrade to the paid version, but apparently only the free version is available.

Jess Wundring(Juneau, AK) on The Amazon App Store (7th April 2018)

Would be 5 stars
But there is no way to get back to the home menu without exiting the app. Game play is five stars. The game uses an immersive approach which is fun. Also, the entire app is free with nothing needing to be unlocked using money. I enjoy it.

Girl And Dogs Review(Missouri, USA) on The Amazon App Store (10th February 2018)

I like how it changes up the way words are displayed during gameplay so that you’re challenged to remember using different methods. The background graphic makes it harder to read the words as they rise to the top. A different background would be nice. Also, am option to write and speech recognition would be 非常棒。

JM Bennett on Google Play (27th December 2017)

Good to help remember the words. Love the water sound.

Silvia Winetzki on Google Play (2nd October 2017)

just a beginner. probably a darker/black font would be better.forgot to check if learner level prior to game is included.

Ellen Jarlego on Google Play (9th August 2017)

I really learn a lot from this app. It’s easy to memorize.

Not Usefull on Google Play (12th May 2017)


A Google user on Google Play (28th February 2017)

Ive learned a lot. Its fun and simple to use but highly affective and addictive! Love this app

Aaliyah Campbell on Google Play (21st December 2016)

it’s fun
It’s a fun game, one where you don’t realize that you are learning as you play. Though I do feel like a dork when I fail, it just makes me want to play again.

Amazon Customer(Salt Lake City, Utah United States) on The Amazon App Store (12th September 2016)

No complaints. It helped me identify what words I still don’t have immediate recognition for.

Shavaun Tesareski on The Amazon App Store (3rd August 2016)

5 Stars
Great app for beginners- Helpful and fun

BagpipesDontFly on The Amazon App Store (21st July 2016)

Loved it. Very helpful with its attractive display

Suwito Wito on Google Play (17th June 2016)

good educating
best way to learn

Henry C on Google Play (17th February 2016)

It’s cool, I wish it had some different features

Derik Stowell on Google Play (8th November 2015)

I like it
Makes it fun to learn!

teither1 on The Amazon App Store (19th October 2015)

Addictive mandarin bubble popping
Surprisingly addictive.
Little bubbles rise up, and you match the bubble to the correct answer on the sides of the play area.
The bubbles go faster and faster, and the vocabulary gets more difficult, while remaining in related categories.
Good time waster.

I.Jones(Durham, NC) on The Amazon App Store (12th August 2015)

Learn Mandarin bubble bath.
Grouse, excellent, very good for memorising sounds and characters.

Russell Lee on Google Play (16th July 2015)

Four Stars
good app

Carl VonCrist on The Amazon App Store (15th March 2015)

Very underrated Mandarin app
This is a great app for learning Mandarin vocabulary. It is essentially a matching game where you are given the Chinese character and/or pronunciation, and you have to match it to its English meaning. It is very simplistic, but covers a good range of fundamental vocabulary at a quick pace and increases in difficulty to keep the game interesting. It can display in either traditional or simplified characters. It is also completely free (ad-supported).

I have been looking for creative Mandarin apps for a while, and am really surprised that it took so long to find this app. It really should receive more recognition than it gets.

Jay Hu on The Amazon App Store (24th December 2013)

Great for getting a child interested in learning a foreign language.
My daughter is so much better at this than I am. I’ve been trying to learn Mandarin for years. I’m 39. Not the right age for absorbing foreign language easily. She’s 8 and blows my scores away. This is especially great for getting kids interested in learning a new language. Besides, Its Free! How can you go wrong?

Brian Shaw(Florida) on The Amazon App Store (10th December 2013)

Good game
Awesome ! Game dude

aj manley on Google Play (5th December 2013)

Great fun game….learn characters easily.

Connie Weidman on Google Play (1st November 2013)

Bubbles are Adorable~!
This is basically a matching game. In the first couple of levels you match the character with their meanings, and the bubbles pop when you get them correct. A voice also informs you of their Chinese pronunciation. As the levels go up the speed increases, and in later levels it becomes and audio-to-meaning matching game, forcing one to remember the sound as well as the shape. The only thing that might be difficult is if people are looking to use this for their introduction to mandarin, it’s a little quicker paced with no review type sheet before a vocab level begins. I’d recommend that it be used in conjunction with other apps with a larger basis in vocabulary, or even as a fun addition to schooling — it’d be a great ‘break time’ study tool for people of all ages between a class in Mandarin.

So far there are only three ‘sections’ : Numbers, Animals, and Body parts, but each ‘section’ has ten levels. Definitely worth it for a free app, and I’m so impressed with it that I hope

Houseplant on The Amazon App Store (26th September 2013)


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