Hungarian Bubble Bath

Hungarian Bubble Bath is an easy way to learn Hungarian through the repetition of a game

Looking for the best way to learn Hungarian? Travelling to Hungary and want to brush up? What better way to learn Hungarian than with a game?

Hungarian Bubble Bath is an easy way to learn Hungarian through the repetition of a game. The concept is simple . . . you pop bubble as they float to the top of the screen. You select the bubble with a Hungarian word inside it and then select the translation to pop it.

The game is divided into 63 categories and contains over 600 Hungarian words and phrases. Each word is spoken by a native speaker.

Each category starts out simple. In the first level, you get a 50% chance of selecting the right answer. In level 2, you have 25%. And for the remaining levels, you only have a 10% chance. But by this time, you will be starting to pick up on the vocabulary.

Some levels force you to listen (because we remove the text) while other levels force you to read (we remove the audio). And just when you think you have it, we swap everything around.

We want you to be the Hungarian Master.

Hungarian Bubble Bath has vocabulary in the following categories (and many more):
• Numbers
• Animals
• Body Parts
• Colors
• Sizes
• Verbs
• Travel
• Time
• and may more

Are you ready to throw down . . . Hungarian style?

Hungarian Bubble Bath features original artwork by Gesonrey Romero of Overpass Apps. It features vocal work by Tibor Szabolcs Vesselenyi. It is produced by Eric Wroolie of Overpass Apps.

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Here are some places you can use this language:
Austria, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Norther Serbia

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