French Flash Quiz

The French Vocabulary Challenge

How good are your skills at the “Language of Love”?

Compete with players all over the world with our fast-paced French vocabulary game.

What’s the one thing that helps French learners and students to learn languages faster than any other method? Using competition. French Flash Quiz is a lightning fast vocabulary game which puts your knowledge up against the clock. You can rank against other French students in a global leaderboard and earn achievements as your knowledge grows.

French Flash Quiz features over 1,000 French words and phrases and word completely offline (so you don’t need an online internet connection to play — just to place on the leaderboard).

Listen as each word or phrase is spoken in French or just use text to force your reading ability. The French language is not difficult and we want French Flash Quiz to be your Free Tutor.

It’s time to study Francais in a fun and engaging way with a question and answer format.

French Flash Quiz contains original artwork by Sandee Chica of Overpass Apps. It includes French spoken audio by … It is developed by Joey Chica. This French Game is produced by Eric Wroolie, also of Overpass Apps.
This version is Free and Ad-Supported.

Just some of our reviews

So good but too many ads but am loving it and its help full txnz 4 the game guys

kasasa belinda on Google Play (6th June 2017)

I really like this app. I just wish it had categories to choose from to be quized about such as colours, fruits, animals, verbs … sentences would be nice too. Other than that I’m really enjoying it. Thank you.

Vanessa Sevilla on Google Play (29th May 2017)

Great app but sometimes the adds get in the way.

laylays88 on Google Play (22nd March 2017)

It’s good especially for beginners… But it would make more sense you added a short lesson before the quiz for the sake of those who know absolutely nothing

nchimunya chilekwa on Google Play (11th February 2017)

Fun Basic App
This app is great for basic word review. The sections are short and fun. I am using it in conjunction with their bubble app and Duolingo for a little variety.

TRex on The Amazon App Store (25th January 2017)

Very good for review. I do wish more vocabulary would be added eventually.

Shasta Lightfoot on Google Play (21st January 2017)


favour chinasa on Google Play (1st January 2017)

I love it works perrfectly just yhe adds are annoying

Jazzy Val on Google Play (14th December 2016)


Nacoy Campbell on Google Play (10th December 2016)

So far so good
Wish I could turn off all sounds and I suspect I’ll need a new app after passing the 5,500 achievement level…

on Google Play (10th December 2016)

Its a fun quiz to do when you are bored and good for learning french but the ads are annoying

on Google Play (10th November 2016)

I like this game

Lovely Gupta on Google Play (31st July 2016)

French flash card quiz
Fun way of refreshing your memory

Clodagh Kennedy on Google Play (13th July 2016)

Fun learning through technology

Hiren Shah on Google Play (9th July 2016)

Good app
Simple to use but really helps with training how words are pronounced in French

ginger reeves on Google Play (30th March 2016)

I like it you should have different section though like a number section and color section verb section and so on like that. I feel that would make the game better

Dustin Seymour on Google Play (12th January 2016)

Early days with this one but I think the change in pace and style is good. Just using audio at the moment to try …
Looking for apps to complement Duolingo. Early days with this one but I think the change in pace and style is good. Just using audio at the moment to try to train my ear a little better

Rachael Salmon on The Amazon App Store (5th November 2015)

Basic french words for beginners..and with audio option. Wanted a feature to invite or play with a friend

Ekua Newton on Google Play (23rd September 2015)

Easy to use
Thank you, exactly what I was looking for. Sometimes the words repeat though but it’s ok for me.

Joseph Lim on Google Play (11th July 2015)

I can feel myself getting smarter

Fred Wroolie on Google Play (28th June 2015)

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