Dive Into Silence

Step away from the noise

Release the ego. Sit in silence. Remember the person you were born as.

When you give yourself time to escape, we would like to help.  We designed this beautiful app for you.

The world moves too fast.  Information comes in too quickly.  You are bombarded with data constantly.
You need time to sit and experience silence.  You need to slow down– even if it is for only 10 minutes a day.
Dive Into Silence is a meditation timer for the 21st century.  It is a beautiful but simple design intended to give you the ability to step away from the mayhem of daily life and spend quality time with yourself.
Dive Into Silence includes:
  • A selection of soothing bells to gently tell you when your meditation is up.
  • A configurable preparation bell which can give you a few minutes to setting in before meditating.
  • An optional white noise background track for occasions when external noise is too overpowering.
If you’ve never considered meditation before, or if you do it all the time, Dive Into Silence is for you.
No mysticism, no magic, and no religious convictions required.   All you need is the desire to give your mind a rest.
This app is free with ad support.
Try Dive Into Silence today.

Just some of our reviews

what a way to start my day
Instead of checking e-mail. I simply turn it on and the Tibetan bowl reminds me to sit. To be intentional. To choose my day,take a look at my daily inspiration,write my gratitude. To be still
My dogs even settle down for the ten minutes. This is an app I will use for a long time. I can even use it right before ameeting in order to stay mindful.

Hevo Van on The Amazon App Store (27th October 2013)

Exactly what I need
This is so easy. When the app opens you see the settings page. If you don’t want to make any changes you click "Save" and go on to the session page.. The settings include length of sitting and what sound to end, If you want interval sounds, you select how long an interval and what sound. You can also set a delay of 30 seconds up to a few minutes before the start bell is sounded. That way you can press "Start" and have enough time to settle into your position. I have not used that feature as I keep the tablet in front of me.
In the settings you can elect to have notification sounds disabled. No beeping for a phone call, an email or a post on Facebook!
It also has a white noise option. I have not used that feature either.
You can have music playing on a separate app and use this app.
The bells are bell chime, Tibetan bell, Tibetan gong, and Tibetan bowl. The bowl sound lingers nicely.

A. B. King on The Amazon App Store (21st September 2013)


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