Deep Sea Typing

Can you type in this tiny keyboard?

Increase your typing speed on a virtual soft keyboard with Deep Sea Typing – a fun and addictive typing game which uses your current native keyboard.


Your typing skills are outdated. The world is moving to virtual keyboards on various sizes of devices.  Every time you get a new phone or tablet, the keyboard changes and your productivity plummets. You need to practice your skills again. You might as well have fun doing it.


Journey into the deep blue sea and let the adorable puffer fish of touch type Cove help you hone your typing skills and increase your typing speed on an iPhone or iPad.


Deep Sea Typing takes you existing typing speed and increases it.  Each level increases in difficulty as the typing game progresses.  Do you have what it takes?


Don’t wait until you get to your computer to return an email . . . train yourself to type faster on your device.


Typing practice won’t feel like typing practice as you increase your typing words per minute (wpm) on a virtual soft keyboard.


Stop depending on your computer because it is faster to type there.  You owe it to yourself to become completely mobile.

Thinking of getting a third party keyboard when you upgrade to iOS8?  Deep Sea Typing will still work.  It uses your native keyboard– no matter which one you use.

Dive deep.  Learn to type on this thing already.  How fast can you go?


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