Codebase Explorer

Built for us, but you can use it too . . . if you want.

Here at Overpass, we are big fans of Codebase ( for source control and task management. Codebase is great because it provides Time logging, a mechanism for creating and commenting on tasks and project, and a selection of Git, Subversion, Mercurial, or Bazaar hosting.

But we always thought they needed a mobile app. They’re web app is excellent, but not very mobile friendly. Sometimes, we need to check on the status of projects while on the go.

So we created Codebase Explorer.

With Codebase Explorer, you can
–View status updates for all projects.
–View tickets on all projects.
–View all logged time.
–View code repository check-ins.

We hope you get as much use from Codebase Explorer as we do.

If you have other sites or services that you think require mobile front ends, please let us know at


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