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If the fate of the world depended on it..could you learn Chinese Mandarin?

Chinese Spy is a language learning app that introduces a one of a kind approach to learning Chinese Mandarin. Familiarizing new words and phrases has never been this appealing. Download this app now and be amazed at how much you can learn when you’re having fun!

How to play the game and learn while having fun?
Embark on a very exciting, highly classified mission that will take you to several cities across China to save the Chinese president and the world.
Once you accept the mission, you will be presented with a map that shows you the location of the training facilities in China where you need to sharpen your spy skills and learn Chinese Mandarin. Get through each of the level by successfully completing the tasks assigned and be prepared to detonate bombs, decode encrypted messages, shoot targets, and stop assassins.

Key features include:
Different word categories in each level: animals, numbers, body parts, colors, sizes, verbs, and so much more!
Most commonly used Chinese Mandarin words
Perfect for beginners and advanced learners
High quality images
High quality audio – listen carefully as each word is pronounced accurately by a native Chinese Mandarin speaker
Compatible with all Apple devices

Download the app now and start your training to become a top spy while learning Chinese Mandarin!

Chinese Spy: Beijing Ops contains original artwork by Sandee Chica and is developed by Joey Chica, both from Overpass Apps. This Chinese Mandarin Game is produced by Eric Wroolie, also of Overpass Apps.

Learn more about Chinese Spy: Beijing Ops here.

Just some of our reviews

Great way to learn chinese mandarin

R.Javier Yepes De V. on Google Play (17th April 2017)

I really enjoy the game, but I think there are a few minor mistakes that you should check on. For example, the color black should be 黑色 and the color pink should be 粉色,but they were switched in the game..

Evelyn Deanne H on Google Play (13th April 2017)

Surprisingly effective! Good job guys. Fun way of learning.

Terry Iatropoulos on Google Play (6th April 2017)

Great game to teach you basic mandarin. Only thing ad keeps popping up during your game

Lae Soud on Google Play (16th March 2017)

Cute game, simple but love it, helpful to review words painlessly. How ever way to keep the voices but turn off the music, rather than just muting everything, would be nice. The music can be a bit distracting and drown out the words when they are pronounced.

Hannah Mizzi on Google Play (12th March 2017)

Great App for a fun learning!

Daniel Tomazi on Google Play (11th March 2017)

Great eady-going app for learning Chinese characters. It’d be great if at certain point there are pieces of dialogue where you have to choose the most communicative answer to it.

Rodrigo Gutiérrez on Google Play (27th February 2017)

This app is useful for recognizing characters and learning at a quick pace. It is also fun and easy to use. I love it. 🙂

Beatrice Onu on Google Play (21st February 2017)

Very fun! Nostalgic graphics, beautiful animation. Solid concept, if you are learning Mandarin this is a wonderful tool for reinforcement. Xiè xiè!

Samuel Fithian on Google Play (14th February 2017)

Well I started learning in the. Beginning and it’s fun I recommend it to everyone it is childish but it will help you learn Chinese

Shawn Simpson on Google Play (8th February 2017)

Really useful to learn Chinese – there’s a bug in the colours: pink is mixed with black

Angelo Polimeno on Google Play (22nd January 2017)

Excellent Chinese app
This app is one of the best foreign language apps I’ve found. It is easy and effective without a lot of memorization. I only wish they had it available for other languages.

Ky B on Google Play (13th January 2017)

Not bad. A little hard to begin with if no previous lessons but fun

Matthieu Lesquelin on Google Play (12th January 2017)

Very fun.
Helps with letter and word recognition.

Dorene Bonafilia on Google Play (4th January 2017)

Enjoy it very much.. got all numbers correct .. lol

JAY Tafolla on Google Play (30th December 2016)

Help full
This app is really good for learn basic Chinese language

nizar karim on Google Play (22nd December 2016)

Relaxed way to learn Chinese
Nice way to learn a language when you have the time

Sakari Aalto on Google Play (12th December 2016)

Love this app, it’s a fun and painless way to learn and review characters! Thank you for the smiles! 🙂 My one and only complaint is that the ads pop up in the middle of a game, which is a bit annoying; it’d be much better if they did so only between games.

Teresa McMurrin on Google Play (6th December 2016)

Really helpful
Fun and really does help you remember.

Mick Parker on Google Play (5th December 2016)

Great way to learn simply without feeling like you are working. Addicting, but productive.
Great way to learn!

Nick Nguyen on Google Play (30th November 2016)

Tons of fun!
Nice little study app, recommended

Jeff Lange on Google Play (24th November 2016)

Great review game
wish there was a level where only the person is speaking and we have to figure out what it said.

Zoe French on Google Play (17th November 2016)

Fun to play

Yves Gafumbegete on Google Play (10th November 2016)


dante valle on Google Play (6th July 2016)

It’s great, but it’s a tad hard to read at times.

James Laing on Google Play (20th April 2016)

Its fun
Wish at least a single page before each category to let me learn and memorize the words in that category

Muhammad Fahmi on Google Play (19th April 2016)

This is fun way of learning Chinese words…

Harvin Lee on Google Play (3rd February 2016)

Amazing fun app 🙂
It’s great as an addition for learning Chinese. It’s simple, cute and fast: what do you need more?

Izhik Trlyam on Google Play (29th January 2016)

Found this app made learning fun and simple. Thought at first It wasnt working but as time went on found I could understand parts of conversations

John Cassin on Google Play (22nd January 2016)

Helpfull and fun!
Its a great way for learning, and soon you will know tons of phrases in chinese! You will never get board of this game. You have to get this!

Lance Arviso on Google Play (1st January 2016)

Great fun learning
Simple game, but is a fun way to learn and practice everyday Chinese characters. There are ads between levels but it has to pay for itself and it does not get in the way of game play

Sabina Lo on Google Play (18th September 2015)

Great app
Repetition is great. Would be great to have a reference to study before each category.

Ian Chesnut on Google Play (12th September 2015)

Fun to learn with it
It’s fun to have the challenge while learning. Also the number of repetitions per level is great to really learn the words!

Bastian Vogt on Google Play (11th September 2015)

It’s not for the long term but it would be very helpful and engaging for new learners

Alexander Peters on Google Play (31st August 2015)


Charles A on Google Play (20th April 2015)

I like the game,序翫亟,間歆之鶢肥厚

Farchan Jamil on Google Play (28th February 2015)

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