Chinese Heroes

Holding out for a Hero!

Have you got some awesome Mandarin Skill?

Be the Hero China needs and help defeat the evil Doctor Zhu.

Learn Chinese Mandarin with a game that is far more fun and action-packed than writing flash cards.  Study over 600 Chinese vocabulary words and phrases in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese Characters (as well as PinYin).  There is no better way to learn and memorize Hanzi.  Whether you are a novice or an intermediate learner, you need Chinese Heroes.

As you join our story, the Evil Doctor Zhu has released poisonous lanterns into the skies over China.  One lantern will turn the entire population into zombies if not destroyed first.  It is a time of great peril for China until . . .

In come the Chinese Heroes, our team of top-notch Chinese Super Heroes.  Help them destroy the lanterns before the lanterns destroy China.

You can choose from four different heroes:

Huo – The kung fu martial arts expert.
Feng – The beautiful yet dangerous hero.
Mao – The ultimate warrior who battles with his staff.  And . . .
Jiantou – The top archer.

With you as their guide to help them translate the Chinese Characters, Doctor Zhu doesn’t stand a chance.

This is the full version of Chinese Heroes.  There are no locked categories and you get access to all 63 categories, including:
–Body Parts
–Person Nouns (Mr, Mrs, etc)
. . . . and more!

Chinese Heroes is a perfect game for Children or adults learning Chinese Mandarin.  Anyone from a beginner to a person studying the HSK Proficiency tests will benefit.  It’s time for action.


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