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landingPage0001Are you struggling with your current chemistry course? Perhaps you need help in reviewing some materials and topics for an upcoming chemistry exam?

Introducing the best app for learning chemistry using your iPhone or iPad – Chemistry Flash Quiz!
Chemistry Flash Quiz will not only teach you chemistry in a way you won’t find in the classroom, but also make your chemistry course a lot less painful and more enjoyable. Download NOW and find out for yourself today!

Chemistry Flash Quiz helps you learn about the periodic table, chemical names, chemical symbols and so much more.
The following topics are covered:
Atomic Number
Chemical Equations
Atomic Mass
Chemical Names
Chemical symbols
Periodic Table of Elements

How does it work?
Chemistry Flash Quiz features hundreds of chemistry questions with different points per category. A question will be flashed on the screen and you will be provided with four choices. You have to guess the right answer as fast as you can. The faster you guess the correct answer, the higher the score you will get. Gain as much points as you can, gather achievements, and rank on the leaderboards to be recognized as the best across the globe. Download the app now and learn chemistry while having fun!

Key features include:

Universal app works on iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad
No Internet connection required
High-quality images
Different speed settings (Normal, Fast, Crazy)
Different audio settings (Read with Audio, Read Only, Audio Only)
Achievements board
Compete against users from all over the globe through the leaderboard

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Chemistry Flash Quiz contains original artwork by Sandee Chica of Overpass Apps. It is developed by Joey Chica. This Chemistry Game is produced by Eric Wroolie, also of Overpass Apps.

Learn more about Chemistry Flash Quiz here.

Just some of our reviews

Nice app for the students.

Chand Sunar on Google Play (14th February 2018)

Nice app for the students.

on Google Play (14th February 2018)

Amazing, I’m keen on this app. And I can play it any where.

A Google user on Google Play (28th August 2017)

This app surely would help you review things before taking your chemistry exam! I enjoy playing it. Reminds me of my sleepless nights memorizing the period table. Hope this was made during that time.

Jose Rowell Corro on Google Play (14th August 2016)

Chemistry flash quiz
Its so interesting and helpful

Fashion reine002 on Google Play (16th March 2016)

Chemistry flash quiz
Its so interesting and helpful

Fashion reine002 on Google Play (16th March 2016)


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