Chemical Allie

Let's mix things up.

A robot gone haywire.  Only one person can stop it!

The automated robot has started destroying everything.  Chemical Allie must return to stop it.


Brush up on your Chemistry and Periodic Table knowledge with this exciting new chemistry game from the makers of Agent X.

You are Allison, a chemist. You are so good at chemistry that they used to call you “Chemical Allie”. But you were recently fired from your job at Overpass Chemicals and replaced with an automated robot.

Now the robot has malfunctioned and is destroying everything in its path. If it is not stopped, it will cause mayhem. If humans cannot answer its questions fast enough, it can destroy the entire city.

You must complete the challenges to stop the robot.

The challenges are divided into six categories:

Atomic Numbers

Each element has an Atomic Number. The robot will show you the chemical name, you have to answer with the atomic number.

Chemical Names

Now, you are given the atomic number, but must answer with the Chemical Name.


Each element has a Symbol. The robot will show you the chemical name and you must answer with the symbol.


Combine the elements and they make new molecules. The robot will give you a formula, you must tell him the resulting molecule.

Molecular Weight

Each element has a molecular weight. The robot will give you an element name. You must answer with the molecular weight of the element.


Find the variable “?” to balance the chemical equation.

Stop the robot. Save the city. Show them what you know about Chemistry.

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