Bubble Bath Typing

If you can't type on a mobile device, you are not mobile.

Speed up your mobile typing with this new typing game! Bubble Bath Typing is a Typing Game that uses your Native Keyboard!

Welcome, adventurer, to the Bubble Bath Of Knowledge.

People from all over the world come to the Bubble Bath of Knowledge to learn new skills. You have come here to become a faster typist, yes? Fear not, the Bath can help you.

To be productive, you have to be fast. The world is full of touch typists who now have to learn to use virtual keyboards on tiny devices. We will help you become one of the fastest.

Typing on a device is much more difficult than typing on a physical keyboard. You cant feel your way around on a virtual keyboard the way you can on a physical keyboard. You have fewer keys and frequently have to resort to using special function keys to get what you want.
All virtual keyboards are different. This game is using your native keyboard. Even we don’t fully understand the difficulties in your way.

With your own keyboard, whether you swipe or tap, you may encounter auto-capitalization, auto-complete, or any other annoying helpers that could help or hinder you. If you are going to learn to type quickly, you have to deal with them.

The goal of the game is simple bubbles float from the bath with letters trapped in them. You need to type the letters (or words) and press the space bar or return to free them.

This game is divided into 9 categories. If you are just getting used to the keyboard, you should try the One Letter category and work your way up. If you are more seasoned, you may want to try a harder category.

Each category contains 9 levels which will increase in difficulty as you progress. The sooner you pop the bubble, the better our score is. If you let too many bubbles pass, you cannot proceed to the next level.

Type the letters and press space or return key to pop the bubbles. If you make a mistake, either backspace out of it or press space to clear your current word.

If you have more than one device, you should play this game on all of your devices. The keyboards will be different on each. The only way to get better is to get faster and become very familiar with all of our devices.

Good luck.


Just some of our reviews

Exactly what I was looking for

Chris Smallman on The Amazon App Store (11th August 2017)

Exactly what I was looking for

on The Amazon App Store (11th August 2017)

Great for absolute beginner typists
Downloaded this for my 7 year old who is still struggling to find letters on the keyboard. Absolutely brilliant for anyone who needs to learn to type from the very beginning (the first levels you literally have to type 1 lower case letter at a time). Will be introducing my 3 year old to it as well.

The only annoying thing is nothing this simple came up when typing kids typing games into the amazon search box.

Amazon Customer on The Amazon App Store (13th March 2017)


aman jagoli on Google Play (28th January 2016)


aman jagoli on Google Play (28th January 2016)


on Google Play (28th January 2016)


Sheri Cash on Google Play (2nd August 2015)

Its good

khawajasaki khawajasaki on Google Play (13th December 2014)

I get what I wanted.

MD Hridoy on Google Play (26th November 2014)


Umesh Saini on Google Play (30th September 2014)

bubble typing
bubble typing is the more help

shri krishan kashyap on Google Play (12th July 2014)

Very fun and addicting….great pass time

Taylor Baptista on Google Play (12th April 2014)

So effective, it’s a gift that’s it is FREE.
Besides the annoying app ads that pop up, this is an excellent game to master your typing on your devices. I type extremely fast on a computer- but needed to type faster on an external keyboard I bought for my KINDLE and it helped my speed and accuracy immediately. I also LOVE the task built into the games to have to touch bubbles on the screen and then type in the letters- forcing you to learn how to re-center your fingers.

TK “TK”(NEW YORK, NEW YORK, US) on The Amazon App Store (2nd March 2014)

Jose colon
“I found what I hope”

on Google Play (13th February 2014)

Jose colon
“I found what I hope”

jose Colon on Google Play (13th February 2014)

Nice, but needs different font, or different colors, or something.
Letters appear to be red on blue, which is VERY difficult for people with color vision issues. And the stylized font makes it hard to tell some letters apart on sight. Really nice encouragement bit. And I like that it does upper and lower case, since that is real world. Appreciate your efforts. Hope you you keep going.

Mark Spry on Google Play (12th February 2014)

oh so far it works with my Bluetooth keyboard!
So far this one is working with my Keyboard to my Motorola Xoom tablet!! yay!

Shirlena Springmeyer on Google Play (8th September 2013)


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