Algebra Study Cards

Beat the clock in a world-wide leaderboard.

The Ultimate High-Speed Math Game!

Compete with the rest of the world in a high speed algebra game.

Algebra Study Cards is a fast-paced math game where you must use all your algebra knowledge beat the clock with addition, multiplication, division and subtraction. Climb the leaderboards and unlock achievements while you compete with the rest of the world.

Algebra Study Cards allows you to build score totals based on how often you play and how difficult your settings are. Solve an equation in 10 seconds with normal mode . . . or try to solve it in 3 seconds for triple the points in “Crazy” mode.

Mathematics and Education have never been this fun.

Solve common algebra equations with lightning speed. How fast are you?

Algebra Study Cards has 4 categories:
— Multiplication
— Division
— Addition
— Subtraction

You can get more points by selecting your speed:
— Normal – Answer in less than 10 seconds
— Fast – Answer in less than 8 seconds and double your score
— Crazy – Answer in less than 5 seconds for triple score

Place on the leaderboard against friends with Google Play.

Place on the leaderboard against friends with iTunes GameCenter.

Just some of our reviews

Super cute!! I hope that this game will help me to pass an upcoming math test. Thanks to the developer for making such a cute, simple, but useful game!!

A Google user on Google Play (14th November 2017)

Olympia Muna on Google Play (5th November 2016)


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