Algebra Bubble Bath

Algebra is Everywhere. Don't lose it.

Algebra is Everywhere.

You might as well master it.

It’s time for Algebra to be fun!

Learn Algebra and have fun doing it with the Bubble Bath of Knowledge.

People from all over the world come to this bubble bath to learn new skills.

Algebra Bubble bath changes each time you play it with randomly-generated algebra equations. If you see a bubble with 34+x=42, you need to find the value of x (for those paying attention, it’s 8) in order to pop the bubble.

Choose from 6 areas of study:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Exponents
  • Square roots

Each category contains 10 levels which increase in difficulty as you play.

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Now that you have found this secret location, it is time to study some Algebra with this fun Math Game.

This full version does not have in-app purchases. You have access to the entire game.

Please leave feedback. If you like the game, hate it, or just don’t care, we’d like to know!
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Just some of our reviews

Great stuff
I do wish you didn’t have to tap the bubble before you answer and you only have to calculate the Last number

Amos Tecumseh on Google Play (7th July 2016)

A great app!
A great way to learn and refresh!

BobbieJo Bordell on Google Play (24th June 2016)

Awesome game !!

Norma Gomez on Google Play (23rd May 2016)

Wish it would break down the after will you get it wrong

denise prioleau on Google Play (13th May 2016)

It’s fun but it just teaches you what you already learned latterly.

Marina Ulysse on Google Play (9th April 2016)

I like it
It is a good game and helpful for learning algebra .But it would be more helpful if it actually gave instructions how algebra worked as you started a level. Also I think the bubble bath idea is childish.I give a rate 4 stars.If you solve my problem I will rate it 5 stars.

Rachel Taaffe on Google Play (15th March 2016)

Great ! I love it
This is a great game to practice algebra 🙂

Squish4 Kawaii on Google Play (24th February 2016)

Great game
Love it

Luisa Cardenas on Google Play (15th February 2016)

Was looking for a game to review basic concepts and help remember them better. This is both relaxing and fun. It has different levels of integers, calculations/mental math and exponents. Plus it’s absolutely free.

Heather on The Amazon App Store (21st December 2015)

Good game
It could be good to have a mix of all categories combined

welomehell on Google Play (8th December 2015)

Fun Memory Game
Cute and simple, the games mechanics are just like flash cards, with the added bonus of a point system for a motivator.

Kixa Ishina on Google Play (2nd November 2015)

It does negative numbers in addition

s garcon on Google Play (26th October 2015)

Great app
Really good to keep up with your mentalmath.

Carlos Baptista on Google Play (24th October 2015)

The math/prealgegra content is very good. The game theme/graphics are too childish.

Melissa Oxford on Google Play (7th October 2015)

great reinforcement tool
Would be better with a few quick animations of the concept as an introduction to the drills. Overall though, my fourth grade class loves it.

Minnesotan Air Force Family(Air Base) on The Amazon App Store (25th September 2015)

Fun and educational 😉

Jennifer May on Google Play (23rd September 2015)

Fiel lumontod

Romnick Sarmiento on Google Play (21st September 2015)

Great app
It helped me process algebra quicker.

Kiara Butler on Google Play (15th September 2015)

Great game it really helps you process algebra faster.

Curita A on Google Play (3rd September 2015)

Good for relearning

Juliet Wildenberg on Google Play (31st August 2015)

Gotta think fast

Erica Deviney on Google Play (30th August 2015)

nice app for teens

Rue Jean Bandingan on Google Play (26th August 2015)

I’m no math genius
I took Algebra one this year and struggled with it a little but this game is helping me with some of the concepts that I was a little rusty on. Thank you!!!

Blair Bareiszis on Google Play (22nd August 2015)

Thinking numbers is asum!
super fast brain workout

Roo Been on Google Play (4th July 2015)

Four Stars
Trying to understand Algebra. couldn’t understand it in much older and thught I’d try it.

L Dean Horner on The Amazon App Store (29th June 2015)

Galaxy Note II
Fun and helped me learn my algebra

Sean Watkins Jr on Google Play (23rd June 2015)

I love it!
It is the best because you learn whilst having fun

Assia Bouras on Google Play (28th March 2015)

Great fun
Learn while you play

jo bailey on Google Play (10th August 2014)

I like this game it gets a bit harder in division …
I like this game it gets a bit harder in division and subtracting and exponents I wish there was a way the bubbles could go at a really slow pacie but this is a great learning app especially for 5th and 6th

This app stinks on The Amazon App Store (21st July 2014)

wonderful review
I wanted a math game to review algebra. It had been many years since I took an algebra class and I have forgotten much. The game was hard st first than I Picked up the tempo and I got the equations right. I recommend it. From kids yo adults for fun and practice

Marina Perekrestoff on The Amazon App Store (15th June 2014)

Makes me happy !
Good practice tool!

Fifi Young on Google Play (30th May 2014)

This is a great little app. I am an absolute idiot when it comes to math, and I was looking for a good free app to help me review the basics. This is great for that. It is easy and fun with lots of levels to choose from. It is very cute, with fun background music and a rubber ducky, so it is probably better suited for girls than boys, but I think it could be fun and helpful for anyone wanting to brush up on their math skills.

Julia(The Good Old USA) on The Amazon App Store (29th March 2014)

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