Alarm Spy

When you need a second presence.

Stay Alert. Turn your device into a motion detector.

Capture all the evidence you need with Alarm Spy.

Alarm Spy

Alarm SpySometimes, you need to leave your home or office unprotected. You never know if intruders will mess with your stuff while you are away. You never know if someone is looking through your drawers or using your stuff.

Not anymore.

With Alarm Spy, you can turn your mobile phone or tablet into a motion detector to catch your intruders in the act.

Simply set up Alarm Spy in a secret location and activate it. Alarm Spy will watch for movement and take any pictures of things that happen while you are away and store them in your gallery.

If you want to scare off your intruders, Alarm Spy will sound an alarm when it detects movement. If you simply want to silent record, turn off the alarm sounds.

Or, you can enter your email address and have Alarm Spy send you pictures of what has changed in your environment. Alarm Spy will detect movement, take a photo, and email it to you. It will then wait a few minutes (based on your configuration) and then re-arm itself.

Email functionality is not available in the lite version of Alarm Spy.

To use Alarm Spy, simply follow these instructions:

1. Install the app.
2. Open the app settings and adjust the settings.
– a. If your device has a front camera, select whether you want to use the front or rear camera.
– b. Select whether you want to sound a siren when movement is detected or run silently.
– c. Select the sensitivity of the alarm (only trigger with large movement or slight movement).
– d. Select how many minutes to wait after an alarm is triggered to re-arm itself.
– e. Enter an email address to send images to and check your inbox to confirm your email address (full version only)
3. Place the device in a discrete place.
4. If you are leaving it for a long time (such as overnight), plug in the device to avoid draining batteries.
5. Leave.
6. When you return, check the image gallery to find out what happened while you left.

Top Tip

Remember, if you get Alarm Spy to send you emails, you must first check your email address and click on a confirmation link the first time you use the app. This prevents us from accidentally sending spam to someone else.

From the makers of Ear Spy.

Just some of our reviews

Spybot Deployment

Don Davidson on Google Play (20th September 2015)

Spybot Deployment

Don Davidson on Google Play (20th September 2015)

It’s an interesting one

Mustapha Shamsideen Babatunde on Google Play (29th May 2015)


Dr Abdul Rehman on Google Play (16th February 2015)

A lot of fun
This game features a great old school feel to it and programming your bots is easy. Each level takes some problem solving ability and attention to detail. Very addictive had to play til I beat the first 5 levels can’t wait till the rest comes out. The only criticism I have is the inability to zoom it to watch both bots on the last level. Could also use a tutorial, and as the levels get harder the ability to save long bot programming would be awesome! Really other than that really fun original game!

KC Athow on Google Play (7th December 2014)


tavan champaneri on Google Play (17th March 2013)

Nice game

Gunjan Sanghavi on Google Play (16th March 2013)

Nice game

Gunjan Sanghavi on Google Play (16th March 2013)


Tavan Champaneri on Google Play (16th March 2013)

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