Learn the language that is all about culture, emotion and respect - Thai

Learn Thai with Thai Flash Quiz - The Super Fast Thai Challenge Game!

Join MILLIONS of other Thai-speaking people and have fun while learning new words and enrich your vocabulary each day.


The hardest part of learning a new language is building a vocabulary.

With "Thai Flash Quiz" on iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets, it's more fun and easy than ever before.

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What makes Thai Flash Quiz so fun and unique?

Features over 1,000  Thai words and phrases
Beat your friends on leaderboards and achievements
Works completely offline (so you don’t need an online Internet connection to play -- just to place on the leaderboard)
Compete against the clock   and choose from 4 different speed settings (Normal, Fast, Crazy)
Have fun listening to native speakers say each word
View engaging, high-quality images

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Find out how you can learn Thai with this fun game!

Start by setting your audio preferences. You can read with or without the audio. You can also set it to "Audio Only" which means you won't be seeing any words flashed for you and you'll solely rely on the sound to grasp the words.

A word will be flashed on the screen and you'll have to guess the English/Thai counterpart as fast as you can! The faster you guess the right answer, the higher your score will be.

If you're up for more challenge, you can adjust the speed settings and go for FAST or CRAZY!
Beat your friends on achievements and leaderboard and be the Thai expert of the family.

Perfect for iPhone, iPad, and Android Phones and Table

"Thai Flash Quiz" features original artwork by Kim Baladad of Overpass Apps. The app is produced by Eric Wroolie of Overpass Apps. “Thai Flash Quiz” is one of many of his language learning games.

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