The Ultimate High Speed Math Game

Look, we know you learned Algebra at some point.  The question is . . . have you still "got game"?


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Beat the clock and find "x" as fast as you can.

With "Algebra Study Cards" on iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets, Algebra is more fun and easy than ever before.

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(It's not just for kids . . . um . . . silly rabbit.)

See the game in its Full Glory . . .

Practice Algebra in a fun an unique way!

  • Rank on a global leaderboard.

  • Earn in-game achievements.

  • Increase your score by increasing the speed you can solve an equation in.

  • Available in over 50 languages . . . so you really are competing with everyone!

We know you still have it in you.

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You already know "why" . . .

so now it's time to find "X".

For Teachers, Students, and all those who value their own knowledge . . .

On iPhone, iPad, and Android Phones and Tablets.

Android Algebra Game

"Algebra Study Cards" features original artwork by the Incomparable Sandee Chica of Overpass Apps. The app is produced by the Multi-Lingual Eric Wroolie of Overpass Apps.  The app was developed with love an affection by the Super-Talented Joey Chica -- also of Overpass Apps.

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