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Millions of apps downloaded – for ourselves and for our clients!

Overpass has released over a hundred apps so far in markets all over the world.  We have apps that help improve your hearing, learn languages, speed read, and more.  We love our apps and we’re glad so many other people love them too.

Every day, more than 5,000 people around the world download an Overpass Mobile App!

We’ve made hundreds of apps and games and we have the scars to prove it. We know iPhone and Android Development.  Overpass employs a team of top-notch Android, iOS, and Corona SDK application developers and designers.  Mobile games are a whole different animal, but we do that too.

Need an app or game?  Give us a call.

We know there are thousands of app development companies you can choose from to create your next mobile app.  You could even pick up a good programming book and build one yourself.  So, we strive to be different and play a completely different game.

Check out our short video on how Overpass could be your best choice.

iPhone and Android Development.

We do our own apps, but we also create great apps for clients across the UK.  Do you have an idea for yourself or your business?  Let’s chat.

Google Reviews

The best company to get your apps built. Especially the owner Eric (who makes iOS apps).



17:37 05 Apr 17

I was a complete novice to the world of Apps….But I had an idea and after a few meetings with developers I chose Eric, which was the right decision. He was patient, helpful and gave me countless meetings in bringing Menu Magician to fruition. I would fully recommend him he is a very clever man.

Alexander Everett

Alexander Everett

21:12 23 Mar 16

I took my idea to Overpass and within a few months and thanks to their expertise they made my idea into something amazing. Can’t recommend them highly enough. I guess their biggest attribute – they really listen and work with you.Kevin PeakePESA; The PE and Sports Assessment Tool

Kevin Peake

Kevin Peake

19:14 10 Mar 16

Eric and Overpass have proved to be a great asset in the completion of our fun interactive game app – The Domain Space Race. As well as being on hand at all times to discuss design, game play and logistics,Overpass has gone above and beyond to produce an app that we are really pleased with and that was a useful and successful tool on our stand at a recent business show.We are now in talks with Eric to extend the levels on the game to create an app that could be used both for internal comms at Nominet and externally to push our brand once it launches.

Alex Allaway

Alex Allaway

09:33 14 Mar 16


Skip Hedstrom

Skip Hedstrom

12:58 09 Oct 16

awesome mobile apps company !



02:15 10 Jun 17

The good thing is that they share their knowledge which is helpful for new developer like me. I hope Eric will continue it.

abir hassan

abir hassan

15:24 21 Aug 17

You want great app? this’s the right company believe me

Abdulaziz ALSIKH

Abdulaziz ALSIKH

07:18 12 Sep 17

From the Blog

We’ve learned so much about the app industry and we love to share. Check out our blog for daily content about how we work, what we find interesting, and what our opinions are.

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All successful apps need great design, and we have some of the best on our team. Here’s some recent posts form our other site www.OverpassDesign.com:

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Recent App Reviews

Here are just a few of our reviews in the last few days.

For Algebra Bubble Bath:


blush catkitty on Google Play (20th October 2017)

For Ear Spy:


Kenneth Okeefe on Google Play (19th October 2017)

For Ear Spy:


Abeg Bihin on Google Play (19th October 2017)

For Ear Spy:

It’s a nice app. I like the equalizer. I didn’t find it to be super effective though. I could hear the same things with my normal ears better…if u were using it to just look like you were listening to music it and actually be listening to people, it would probably suit your needs. I personally want the ability to hear through walls into other rooms and such. This doesn’t do the trick nor does any other one that I’ve tried lol. I know I’m a nosy biotch.

Systematic Delusions on Google Play (19th October 2017)

For French Flash Quiz:


A Google user on Google Play (19th October 2017)

For Ear Spy:


Jayant Srivastava on Google Play (18th October 2017)

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