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Millions of apps downloaded – for ourselves and for our clients!

Overpass has released over a hundred apps so far in markets all over the world.  We have apps that help improve your hearing, learn languages, speed read, and more.  We love our apps and we’re glad so many other people love them too.

Every day, more than 5,000 people around the world download an Overpass Mobile App!

We’ve made hundreds of apps and games and we have the scars to prove it. We know iPhone and Android Development.  Overpass employs a team of top-notch Android, iOS, and Corona SDK application developers and designers.  Mobile games are a whole different animal, but we do that too.

Need an app or game?  Give us a call.

We know there are thousands of app development companies you can choose from to create your next mobile app.  You could even pick up a good programming book and build one yourself.  So, we strive to be different and play a completely different game.

Check out our short video on how Overpass could be your best choice.

iPhone and Android Development.

We do our own apps, but we also create great apps for clients across the UK.  Do you have an idea for yourself or your business?  Let’s chat.

From the Blog

We’ve learned so much about the app industry and we love to share. Check out our blog for daily content about how we work, what we find interesting, and what our opinions are.

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Our Favourite Reviews For This Week

In the News

If you’re really serious about apps (as we are), you need to keep track of the industry. Check out our news section where we report on the major stories in app and software worlds.

Evernote Releases Simplified Version for iOS

Ransomware Is The Biggest Cyber Security Threat This Year

Apple App Store Prices In UK To Increase By 25%

China Requires App Stores To Register With The Government

Recent App Reviews

Here are just a few of our reviews in the last few days.

For Ear Assist: Hearing Aid App:

Its great top one

Anthony huerta on Google Play (22nd January 2017)

For Korean Bubble Bath:

Its like a crazy game of memory. Lol

Wendilynn K on Google Play (22nd January 2017)

For Ear Spy:


mike brown on The Amazon App Store (21st January 2017)

For Ear Spy:

Very neat

Shanna Schmidt on Google Play (21st January 2017)

For Ear Spy:

Awesome app, me and my younger sisters spy on my brother with it!

ThatOneKid 565 on Google Play (20th January 2017)

For Korean Bubble Bath:

Fun App.. Hope to see more vocabulary list, fixes of some bugs and more enhancements..

Jen L. on Google Play (20th January 2017)

Featured Apps

Hebrew Bubble Bath

Android / iPad / iPhone
Bengali Bubble Bath

Android / iPad / iPhone
German Bubble Bath

Android / iPad / iPhone


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